Kobura Karate has been teaching Shukokai Karate since January 2001. We started teaching in the big gym at the Narre Warren P12 School in Ormond road and at various other schools in the area. We moved into our permanant Dojo in Hampton Park in 2004. Our dojo is perfectly fitted out for teaching Karate all year round. Fully air-conditioned with plenty of space for students their friends and their family. We have a 14 metre wall of mirrors and the best training equipment available, including many pads, paddles, and focus mits to list but a few. We also choose to install a very special training floor created for us by the same company that supplied the Gymnastic mats for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Regular cheap puzzel mats smell and can easily trap fingers and toes, some are too soft and drain your energy, others are to thin or stiff and provide little protection if a student trips or falls. Many fights end up on the ground so we practice on the ground as well as standing, and our one piece 12 metre by 14 metre vinyl floor surface with specially contructed gymnastic matting helps make every class fun and safe. Our Dojo is located in the heart of Hampton Park shopping centre, at Factory 4 no 4 Commerce Drive. 100 metres away from the Hampton Park Baptist Church.

Phone us today on 97990081 and get your Karate Kid started.