Kobura Women's Kickboxing

Our current Kickboxing program is currently being refined, so stay tuned!
We originally featured a freestyle kickboxing program designed by Sensei Nick that was a combination of his experience in Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai with a graded singlet system.

Unfortunately due to the repeated lockdowns in Melbourne, our membership numbers in the kickboxing program fell – but we have re-launched a new program designed as a womens-only kickboxing program.

Kobura Women’s Kickboxing is designed for those looking to train kickboxing in a supportive, family-friendly culture that places the utmost importance on fun, fitness, and technique!

We often combine padwork with circuit training to deliver a beginner-friendly class suitable for all ages and backgrounds!

We are currently evaluating switching from our 10-week challenge format to a generic kickboxing class, as well as launching a kid’s kickboxing program, so stay tuned!