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Free trial classes available

As the longest-running martial arts school in Hampton Park, we offer multiple martial arts for you to learn self-defense, get fit, or compete!

We believe in trying before you buy - which is why your first class in EACH martial art is totally FREE. 
With no exit fees or lock-in contract, you can train with confidence.

Our facility is fully heated/air-conditioned, with safety mats and tonnes of training equipment. 
At the end of the day, we are a family-oriented environment.


Available for kids aged 3 and up, all the way up to adults - we first began as a Karate club and still LOVE our karate family now!
Learn skills such as striking, blocking, using joint locks and throws, while also developing fitness, discipline, and focus!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Available for ages 18+, BJJ is a grappling art that focuses on taking the fight to the ground, using leverage, technique and timing against a bigger, stronger opponent.


Our Kid's and Adults Kickboxing classes emphasise physical fitness, and are based on Muay Thai kickboxing. Fantastic for fitness and learning the basics of striking!


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Try before you buy - first class free!


If you refer a friend and they sign up - you receive a month of free training!


We are ALL about family! Ask about our discounts if signing up multiple students!

what They're Saying

Student Testimonials

Walked in a few months ago and have had nothing but positivity, great vibes awesome curriculum and great people! Sensei Nick is a fantastic teacher and very knowledgeable in the Arts, highly recommended!


Nick’s been teaching me the fundamentals of kickboxing since November last year, our kickboxing group has grown from just the two of us to a great group of people super keen to get fit, learn some new stuff and have fun. Nick is such a fun teacher and he really knows his stuff, he’s experienced in so many different forms of martial arts there’s something for everyone at his new martial arts school, which has kickboxing classes, Brazillian jiu jitsu and more - but a much more reasonable price then I’ve seen anywhere else. Cannot reccomend this highly enough, also there are options if you just wanna try things out too and aren’t sure just yet. Great work nick, built something truly awesome! See you tomorrow night for kickboxing @ 6.30 😜😜


As a father of two current students and a former student myself I can't speak highly enough of Kobura Martial Arts.
Sensei Nick and his team bring a unique feeling of 'welcomeness' that few businesses offer these days. It's like one big extended family that my wife and I are proud to be part of. No matter how old you are, Kobura Martial Arts has something for everyone
The instructors are both skilled in the ways of self defence and also in people skills, offering a caring environment where everyone feels included and encouraged to be confident within themselves. Genuine feelings that are also shared by the awesome students who attend these classes which they offer forth to new members.
Give it a go!


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Everyone trains for different reasons - which is why we offer different options depending on what you want!

Every effort is made to keep this information up to date, please check our front counter for prices

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